Goldcorp in Guatemala

Goldcorp in Guatemala

Thank you for your donations and solidarity through the restitution campaign! The Pension Board will not divest from Goldcorp even though "shareholder engagement" hasn't produced tangible results for affected communities. See what we did instead.

#SisterStreams Gathering

#SisterStreams Gathering

Indigenous & settler youth and Elders gather in Wabanaki territory, learning about the Treaties, caring for the territory and resistance to extractivism.

Open for Justice!

Open for Justice!

Canada is home to 75% of the world’s mining and exploration companies. In January, 2018, Minister of International Trade, Minister Champagne, announced that the Canadian government would create an independent ombundsperson to help regulate companies. It's up to us to make sure they stick to their promise!

United for Mining Justice is a network of United Church of Canada folks and allies working for just extractive sector laws and practices, for an accountable Canadian mining industry, and for local and national sovereign jurisdiction over mineral resources.


As the earth, water  and people face tremendous risks proposed by the Canadian extractive sector, we must find community and courage to act to defend life. 

UFMJ is grateful to be a 2017 recipient of the United Church of Canada "Flourishing Ministries Fund" to support youth engagement and leadership development around mining and extractivism and care for Spirit, territory and water.


All too often human rights and environmental defenders ar at risk for the work they do. Take minute to write a letter, sign a petition or send a solidarity message to folks who put their life on the line for the land.

"...if our sisters can stand up for what is right while facing threats and actual assassinations, we surely cannot sit idly by and allow this business to carry on, protected by ruthless international actors operating with complete impunity," Sarah Harmer and Cardinal Tantoo following the murder of Berta Caceres in Honduras.


Together with our partners and friends in Latin America, Asia and Africa, as well as Turtle Island, we are part of a global call to work for justice. Supporting communities that are bearing the brunt of resource extraction is a priority, as they face the imminent threats to water, land, and life, that these projects pose. We create spaces for honoring Spirit, learning and action for justice. Join us!

Read more about Aniseto Lopez and Francisco Ramirez,  human rights activists who are working to defend  life and livelihoods in communities affected by large scale mining projects.

Read more about Francisco's presentation to the House Standing Committee on International Human Rights in the fall of 2017.

Read Jacinda Mack's Letter to Editor of the United Church Observer about UCC Pension Plan investment in Goldcorp Inc.

Read more about #SisterStreams day of prayer and action for our watersheds.


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Recent information about Canadian mining in Canada and abroad.


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Aniseto Lopez from Guatemala, left, and Francisco Ramirez from Colombia spoke about the impacts of Canadian mining ccompanies working in their countries to 2015 UfMJ workshop participants. 

Jacinda Mack, left, from the Secwepemc and Nuxalk Nations, was the guest speaker at the 2017 UFMJ National Gathering. As coordinator of First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining, she spoke of the irreparable damages caused by the Mount Polley mine disaster in 2014. 

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