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October 19, 2017 marks two years since the federal government was elected.


Two years since the government promised real change and leadership in international human rights.


Two years since it has had the power to implement its election promise to create an ombudsperson for the Canadian extractive sector working overseas. 


October 19, 2017  also marks the final day of hearings by the Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Human Rights who are undertaking a little-advertised study on the human rights situation surrounding resource extraction in Latin America.


The absence of key witnesses undermines the credibility of the process, and the utility of the outcome.


Human rights cannot be properly understood, much less upheld, without making adequate space for those who claim their rights have been violated.


Today, at the fifth and final hearing in this study, committee members will for the first time hear from any witness who represents Latin American perspectives and concerns from Francisco Ramirez Cuellar.


For the first time will hear from Canadian legal experts with expertise on Canada’s international obligations to Indigenous and human rights, who have thoroughly analyzed Canada’s current approach.

The Committee will not be hearing from any Indigenous peoples from Latin America, they will not be hearing from any impacted communities from Latin America, they will not be hearing from any women from Latin America, they will not be hearing from anyone who has tried to seek justice in their home country or in Canada after being harmed by the operations of a Canadian project overseas, they will not be hearing from anyone from Canadian civil society.


That the hearings are unbalanced and missing crucial and pertinent voice is self-evident. Action on corporate accountability is sorely needed. Communities who are harmed by Canadian mining, oil and gas operations overseas can wait no longer. The time for talking is over, the time for action is now! #Ombudsnow Let’s make Canada #open4justice

Two Years Since the Liberals Promised 

"Real Change"

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@FP_Champagne Today marks 2 years since the federal election. Is fulfilment of the #ombuds #promise just around the corner?@open4justice

@FP_Champagne Less talk, more action! Two years since the election & Canada is still not @open4justice! #Ombuds now!


@LevittMichael, FIVE days of parliamentary #SDIR hearings on #humanrights, #mining and Latin America and only ONE Latin American witness called?


@LevittMichael #humanrights must be the focus of #SDIR hearings, priority must be given to voices of impacted communities #open4justice


16 witnesses at #SDIR hearings on #humanrights, #mining and Latin America and ONE Latin American witness called? We want #fairhearings!


LAST day of #SDIR hearings on #humanrights, #mining and Latin America. FIRST day with testimony on human rights from Latin America. Huh?


Huh? LAST day of #SDIR hearings but FIRST day with testimony on #humanrights from Latin America? We want #fairhearings! #open4justice

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