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Metals in the rocks
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We are happy to share a new report by the Alyansa Tigil Mina (Filipino coalition against mining), Focus on the Global South and the Transnational Institute that explores the current mining projects in the Philippines and brings fresh evidence of how mining firms have used the investor-state dispute (ISDS) mechanism to sue 29 governments worldwide for a total of USD 53 billion. Many of these lawsuits have been the result of governments' decisions to deny or revoke mining permits, due to environmental concerns or the violation of indigenous peoples' rights.

This KAIROS research paper explores the challenges we face in moving from an era of “predatory extractivism” – the unrestrained exploitation of natural wealth for short-term profit without regard for its consequences – to embracing a new order in keeping with the Earth’s carrying capacity.  It describes viable options for a just transition to a low-carbon economy for workers laid off from fossil fuel industries as well as marginalized social groups.

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