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Open for Justice Webinar   

Moving towards action for mining justice in Canada

November 29 at 2pm EST

The asks haven’t changed, but the political opportunities have. Will you seize this opportunity to advance mining justice and corporate accountability in Canada? We have a chance now, but we will only be successful if a significant number of Canadians from across the country take action to hold the government to its promises.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will:

- Hear an update about the Open for Justice Campaign and the recent launch of model legislation to create an extractive sector ombudsperson to hold Canadian mining companies accountable

- Learn how to engage your MP through office visits and targeted letter writing 

- Hear how others have been received by their MP and some of the common questions that are coming up

- Have sufficient time to ask questions in order to feel prepared to take steps toward action

11am Pacific

12pm Mountain

1pm Central

2pm Eastern

3pm Atlantic

3:30pm Newfoundland and Labrador

Find your time zone here.


Download the Webinar Poster

Registration Form:

Read more about the Open for Justice Campaign and the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability here. 

Thank you for your inerest in making Canada' extractive sector more accountable. The webinar was held on Nov 29. For more information contact

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