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Agua! Vida! Mais! The Xinca People are more alive now than ever!

After close to a year of protest, Indigenous Xinca communities stand strong outside the Constitutional Court to demand a permanent close to Tahoe Resources’ Escobal Mine, which never obtained consent from the affected communities.

The Indigenous Xinca leaaders of Santa Maria Xalapan reiterated that they are not in favour of Tahoe Resources working in their territory.

The Elected Principals of the Indigenous Xinca community of Santa Maria Xalapan were forced to clarify that they are not in favour of Tahoe Resources, and have been in fact dencouncing mining in their territory since 2007, after a false letter was presented (see below) on their behalf to the Constitutional Court which is currently deciding on whether the Tahoe license is legitimate due to lack of local consultation.

The false letter submitted on behalf of the community of Santa Maria Xalapan was promoted on, a website operated by purveyors of Tahoe Resources.

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