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Water is Life.

On August4, 2014, the dam that held the waste from Imperial Metals' Mount Polley mine in Central British Columbia collapsed, leading to the largest mine waste spill in Canadian history. The impacts on the surrounding rivers and lakes, including Quesnel Lake, one of the deepest fjord lakes in the world and birthing waters of salmon, have been devastating.  


"Before the Mount Polley Mine disaster struck... our communities of Xat'sull First Nation and Likely lived in the reassurance from B.C. and the company that no such tragedy could ever happen. On August 4, 2014, our lives and the landscape were changed forever, as the impacts of mining are forever," Jacinda Mack, Xat'sull First Nation and Coordinator of First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining


This August 4, join Amnesty International Water Defenders, Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake, First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining, Northern Confluence, United for Mining Justice, Salmon Beyond Borders, Rivershed Society of BC, BC/Yukon Kairos, Labrador Land Protectors and others to remember the devastating impacts of the Mount Polley Mine Disaster and honour your own watershed.


Action Contact: Jacinda Mack, FNWARM Coordinator/ Xat’sull First Nation member

E: / / @FNWARM

1. Go to your local stream, river, or lake and say a few words to acknowledge Quesnel Lake and your own watershed.
2.  Take a photo & post on social media (include where you are & body of water) using #SisterStreams so we can track the actions.
3. Send your picture to The imagines will be put together in a banner to be shared at the upcoming Mining Minister's Meeting in New Brunswick. 

What to do: 
Take a few more steps:  

1. Get friends and community together to raise awareness - host a water gathering, picnic, water ceremony, prayer, paddle, etc.
2. Document what you do & share with your networks using #SisterStreams 
3. Write a letter to the editor raising issues in your own community & naming the Mount Polley Mine disaster

4. Join the Thunderclap campaign before August 3rd here.

5. Help us get to 50,000 signatures to demand justice for the Mount Polley disaster. Sign and share here.  

Join us in organizing a water ceremony in your community to remember Quesnel Lake & awareness about the Mt. Polley Mine disaster AND to raise awareness of your own watersheds and values for clean water!

August 03, 2017

Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia at 6:30pm

Tatamagouche Centre - 259 Route Loop 6/near French River Bridge on the Trans-Canada trail.


On Thursday, August 3 at 6:30 pm, United for Mining Justice and Tatamagouche Centre invite you to participate in a water ceremony for Quesnel Lake and our own watersheds. Bring a jar of water from your local stream, river, lake or well and if you like, share a story of what it means to you. Meet us at Tatamagouche Centre - 259 Route Loop 6. Parking available and everyone welcome.  

August 04, 2017

Toronto, ON - York Woods Library at 11am

You are invited to participate in a solidarity action at the Black Creek on Friday August 4.  On August 4, 2014 the tailings pond burst at Imperial Metals Mount Polley Mine in BC.  26 billion litres of mineral waste was released into Polley Lake, Hazeltine Creek and Quesnel Lake - headwaters and spawning grounds of the Fraser river watershed.  

As part of a coordinated Canada wide action, we will meet at the entrance to the York Woods Library* on Friday August 4 at 11 am.  We will march the short distance down to the Black Creek.  We will have a brief ceremony there, remembering the Mount Polley disaster and the affected community, and committing ourselves to protect and preserve our precious waters. 

August 04, 2017

Tofino, BC Waterfront at 11am

Location: On the Tofino waterfront near 1st Street dock, near the Calypso cafe. 

Tla-o-qui-aht elder Levi Martin will lead us in a water healing ceremony as we remember the Mount Polley mine disaster of August 4th, 2014. The Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley Mine tailings dam burst releasing 26 billion litres of toxic mine waste into into Quesnel Lake - headwaters and salmon spawning grounds of the Fraser river watershed. This is one of the largest mining disasters not just in BC, but in the world.

We will reflect on the sacred importance of water for life; stand in solidarity with 33 Indigenous communities and the 80% of Fraser River chinook & sockeye in Northern BC that are downstream from mine waste. 
Join us to: 
•Remember Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley tailings dam disaster.
•Pray for the healing of Polley Lake, Hazeltine Creek, and Quesnel Lake.
•Stand to protect Clayoquot Sound from Imperial Metals’ 2 proposed mines—Catface Mountain and Tranquil Valley in Ahousaht and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations territory.
•Raise awareness of the need for justice and clean water for life.

First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining (FMWARM) has called on people across Canada to join together for the healing of the waters on the 3rd anniversary of the Mount Polley Mine disaster. This is one of many ceremonies taking place.

If you are unable to attend a water ceremony near you, please take a few minutes this Friday to honor the waters and ask for their healing. Share this event with your friends too! Thank you! ♥ 

August 04, 2017

Halifax, NS - Black Rock Beach, Point Pleasant Park at 4pm

We will reflect on the sacred importance of water for life; stand in solidarity with peoples across Canada whose water is at risk due to industrial contamination. 

Join us to:

  • Raise awareness of the need for justice and clean water for life

  • Celebrate and protect our own watershed and source of clean water

  • Remember peoples across Canada whose water is at risk due to industrial contamination:  

    • Pictou Landing First Nation and those dealing with the Boat Harbour clean up after 50 years of industrial pollution;

    • Mi’kmaq and non-Indigenous communities near the Shubenacadie River where Alton Gas proposes to create massive underground natural gas storage caverns and allow many thousands of tons of salt to be dumped into the river;

    • Communities in New Brunswick where an open-pit tungsten and molybdenum mine is proposed to be built at the headwaters of the Nashwaak River on Wolastoq (Maliseet) territory about 100 km north of Fredericton;

    • Secwepemc and other First Nations whose waters, community and territory continue to be impacted by the Aug. 4, 2014, collapse of a 40-meter high tailings dam at Imperial Metals Mount Polley Mine in BC that flooded Polley Lake, Hazeltine Creek, and Quesnel Lake, headwaters / spawning grounds of the Fraser River watershed, with 26 billion litres of mine waste and where the Mount Polley Mine continues to permanently discharge more wastewater into Quesnel Lake. 

August 04, 2017

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador at 6pm

"Water Is Life" Ceremony


End of Birch Island Road (by the riverbank)
Happy Valley-Goose Bay

From coast to coast across Turtle Island (Canada) we are called to action by Amnesty International and #SisterStreams to honour water sources and the 3rd anniversary of the Mount Polley Mining Disaster.

We will commemorate this event with prayers, songs, and sharing by the Grand (Churchill) River here in Labrador. All ages are encouraged to attend 💚💙

Please share!

"All water is sacred and ours to protect"

August 05, 2017

Mabou, Cape Breton at 2:30pm

As part of the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence "Break the Waves" boat cruise, we will spend some time remembering waters impacted by Canadian mining in Guatemala and watersheds at risk around the world. Join us! 

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